Education Programs

Education Programs

Pre-school teaching is no less than an art form. Imagine yourself guiding a bunch of young children who are venturing out of their comfort zone i.e. their home for the first time, and teaching them the basic skills of life. Not every child is similar, not every child requires the same amount of care; to be able to fulfill the needs of a child, and to enable them to start becoming independent in their actions is what preschool teaching is all about. It is not just a learning experience for children, but also for parents who begin to grow with their child. Thus, a preschool teacher is no less than an artist commanding a bunch of young ones.

Essentially, The Champs Fun School  of thought believes that the best way of teaching a child is through taking up activities. The institutions activities such as role plays, virtual games, singing, free play and a lot more, to teach children. It is believed that such a method of learning brings exposure to the child in a friendly environment with no pressure at all. 

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