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The Champs Fun School is a child-friendly, safe, hygienic, purposefully-built, colorful, beautifully designed and well equipped
 school. Our clean classrooms  and various activity areas are uniquely designed to cater each child's needs, abilities and development level. Pre Primary  schools are baby steps of a child to education  and this  influence a child’s personality development and build a strong foundation for the future. There is no denying how significant a school is in shaping up a student’s personality and holistic learning process.
 An experienced teacher and teaching pedagogy play a critical role in shaping students’ academic lives, infrastructure is also vital. It creates a favorable environment for students’ holistic development. It’s a common knowledge that every parent wants to spend money where their kids feel safe and secure while learning and enjoying their student life. They wish to ensure the schools have ample safety standards and facilities to make learning a joy.

We designed the school to keep children in mind. The colorful theme walls and age-appropriate colorful furniture make the school dream place for the children where they would like to spend most of their time. The classes and play areas are complete with relevant colorful non toxic toys. They are used as teaching aids and help the child to develop various skills. A good number of toys and games which are not harmful for kids is an integral part of the learning experience for the kids. Children spend most of their time playing and working with materials or other children. So assorted building blocks, construction materials, props for pretend play, picture books, paints and other art materials besides table toys like matching games, peg- boards and puzzles should be made available to the kids.

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Posted By Company / 14th February 2022


The Champs Fun School