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Partnerships are most powerful when they include three main components, The Champs Fun School strongly believes & represented as the “3 C’s”: communication, consistency and collaboration.

Communication --The best kind of communication is open, clear, constructive and timely. Frequent, two-way communication is important to stay apprised of what is happening at school, and to let your teacher know important things about your child. Home-school notes are especially effective. Attend meetings with questions and observations about your child’s efforts and behaviors, not just their grades and achievements. Let your child’s teacher know about your child’s strengths and challenges, likes and dislikes, and what you hope he or she accomplishes during the school year.
Consistency-The second component of an effective partnership of parents & school is consistency. This involves opportunities and experiences you provide at home to support your child’s learning. In this you ask about and suggest ways you can work with your child at home to encourage their learning for a successful school year. Creating routines for homework, such as establishing a time and quiet place, is important. Providing learning materials, reading with your child, and encouraging healthy habits for eating and physical activity all contribute to their success in school. This kind of partnership sends a consistent message to your child and lets him/her know that you and his teacher together support his learning.
Collaboration-The third component of partnering is collaboration. Collaboration will be easier if communication is frequent, and you consistently create opportunities for your child’s learning. If the relationship and communication channels are developed early, it will be much easier to address challenges if they appear. Collaborative planning with your child’s teacher involves acknowledging the need to work together to address a concern, staying focused on finding a solution (not placing blame), making plans that involve support and responsibility at both home and school, following through on plans and checking back to make sure progress is being made. 

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Posted By Company / 4th March 2022


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